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    Exclamation Logitech Driving Force Pro PC??

    I saw a video on YouTube that a guy called "EltaxBoy" was using the
    "Logitech Driving Force Pro" on the PC ?

    I swear it says " PlayStation 2 " on here:

    I read somewhere on the internet that becuase it uses the USB connector..
    You can use it on the PC

    Is that true ??? if so does it work well ????

    Please I REALLY NEED to know because I want to use it for TDU and well!


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    The DFP will work on PC, yes.

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    I had a PS2 DFP that I got in 2001, and used it on my PC up until last year when I got rid of it. Worked fine. No problems.
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    Ive got a DFP, had mine for just over a year now a little hammerd but still going on nicley

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    Driving Force Pro works better on PC than on PS2, as the drivers are more mature, and offer a much greater range of controller settings etc.

    Get the logitech driver for PC,en


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