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    Default TDU2, PS3, anyone out there???

    This may be a total long shot, but are there any TDU2 PS3 gamers out there anymore??? TDU2 is new to me, and although I'm late to the party I've only just found my PS3 again after a couple of years break. The game is simply genius. I know there are active players as most sessions have around 10-15 players online, but the discussion boards have gone eerily quiet. Shame.

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    Welcome Pete! All but the mod section is pretty quiet as far as TDU2 is concerned, but there's still plenty of active players. Feel free to make a thread and try to organise a cruise maybe?


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    Yeh I've noticed, cheers for the welcome though, I might just do that!

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    Can't help but think you are on a SETI mission - Search for Extra [Test Drive Unlimited 2] Individuals.

    It's a game that has its issues and tends to falter due to it but yeah there are certainly still a crazy sort who frequent the servers when they are operating at near good capacity though and if you enjoy the game like them, then I hope you all find each other... all 23 of you.
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    Haha, well I'm ashamed to admit that I'm fairly new to online racing, so there's not much to compare it to yet! The open world environment is very appealing, but it can get lonely out there with just a handful of other users, certainly good when you do hook up though. So yes, SETI mission it is!



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