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    Default Alfa's Baby MiTo

    Details of the official release of Alfa Romeo's new baby car

    Looks amazing to me ... got a lot of 8C styling in there
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    At first I saw it and I laughed. Why? Because it looks like someone's got an 8C, and squashed it. Yet, that's not an entirely bad thing, and it's actually a very good looking car

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    Wow very nice. Any ideas on price?
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    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw some pics of this beauty in this weeks Auto Express and I gotta say its a looker .

    I can already see me test driving one come the time I'm gonna replace my Punto .
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    I'm not sure on this one, I love the back end and the side its just them front lights, they remind me of a Micra, I dunno why they just do. Apart from tht its a good car.

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    Looks Like an 8C Hatchback

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    Well a few details for you ...

    It's off the Grande Punto platform and it sounds like initial engines are going to be from the FIAT ... however there is a rumourerd GTA version to come (could be using the uprated Punto Abarth SS engine?????) ... but knowing previous GTAs it should be loony (whatever happened to the Brera GTA that spyshots were shown of?)

    As to prices, Autocar thinks it's going to be 12k ... but that's guess work ... It'll be more expensive than the equivalent Punto that's for sure ... definitely something to give Mini a run for it's money ... I'd buy one if I was after a small hot hatch

    And now the bad news ... it's launched in June, with roll-out across Europe in July ... BUT UK release is unlikely till early 2009
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    Certainly a neat looking car, but I think the air intakes on the front bumper are WAY too low... makes the front end look too tall with all that blank space between it and the headlights. And that name's pretty daft as well

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