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    Default Subaru enters the BTCC in a three-year deal with Team BMR

    This has just been announced and is a hell of a grab for the BTCC to have such an iconic manufacturer joining the grid. It's also another major coup for Team BMR who are only into their fourth year as a BTCC racing team; though having Colin Turkington and Jason Plato as your drivers made negotiations that bit easier I imagine.

    Cannot wait to see this car on the grid and running laps round the BTCC calendar starting April.

    The squad will run the all-new Subaru Levorg Sports Tourer in this year’s series, with both Jason Plato and Colin Turkington spearheading the Japanese marque’s title assault.

    “We’re very excited to have teamed up with BMR from the 2016 Championship – the first time a Subaru has competed in BTCC,” said Paul Tunnicliffe, Managing Director for Subaru UK & Ireland. “Although the Levorg features the Subaru famed all-wheel drive system, the car can be easily developed to compete with rear-wheel drive in order to comply with the BTCC regulations… so we can’t wait to see how it goes against very established competition.”
    The 2016 BTCC grid is going to be a good looking grid by the looks of things!

    Source: BTCC | Subaru enters BTCC with Team BMR
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    Ah that's brilliant, great to see something different coming to BTCC! And a big wagon, like the good old days of Volvo

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    Holey moles that looks nice.

    Should be an interesting season!

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    Flat-4 engine, it's RWD, it's got manufacture backing from Subaru! (3 so far this season) and D!ck Dastardly himself is driving one! (Thats Jacon Plato btw)

    I know this season is going to be a blast already!
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