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    Default They found Shannon ! *UK*

    Just heard it from my dad that they found that little girl about a mile away in a house of an apparent distant family member imprisoned in a room. The police smashed into the house and with no remorse grabbed the guy and "dragged" him out to take him into custody.

    Good on the police and glad to see she'll be home with here family very very shortly. Might not mean much to anyone but it's always good to see these end happily and result in one more worthless member of humanity getting what they deserve.
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    Thats a relief

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    thats good news and well done to the police.

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    Good Good. Shame about Madelline though
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    I heard about this earlier on the radio. Glad she's home safe as this could have ended alot worse.

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    Forgive me for being cynical, but what makes this find more important than all the other missing kids who are found. Or the fact that in africa a 737 load of children die every five minutes?

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    It's a fair point, I've always wondered why random cases get blown into full scale media...

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    I know why madeline was. It was because she was middle class blonde a girl and everything british woooo.

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    hmmm Mas Selamat's still at large

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    Glad she got back home ok

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    Yeah, i heard about that, apparently they went into Shannon's Step-Father's dads house and found her under his bed. They must have got a tip. It's good she's alright and back now though.


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