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    Question Looking For Session Information

    Is there a good way to connect more than 4 players in free ride? We were having some difficulty getting 6 of us together.

    I was thinking next time I will create a private lobby and have everyone leave. Any success that way?

    Finally, can anyone tell me the maximum session size?

    Thank you for the info and see you in The Crew!

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    It's a max of 8 in a session I believe. And the only way to find what is causing connection troubles is just to try different things: change the host, jump directly to people or just behind/in-front of them and see if the session loads you in with them type thing. Usually it's just one of those things.
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    The sessions size is indeed 8 but you can only have a crew with a maximum of 4 people. Kind of like the session locking in TDU but it only works with a max of 4 people. You can have 2 crews of 4 in a sessions but the 2 crews can become separated and end up in 2 different sessions at any time.

    I wasn't aware of a way to lock a session of more then 4 people which seems a bit daft.



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