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    Default Jaguar has returned to motorsport


    Jaguar has returned to motorsport

    It dropped out of Formula 1 in 2004 after 5 very unsuccessful years. And is now a manufacturer in Formula E It's partnering with Williams, which is quite exciting in itself. It will be replacing the Trulli team in the 2016/2017 Formula E Championship. As the series slowly becomes less 'spec' and more similar to a normal race series, it will much more entertaining to follow.

    Jag are saying they're getting involved in Formula E because they want it to help them with the creation of some EV's for their roadcar lineup, this is good as any further investment in JLR is always welcome (as long as the investment stays as much in the UK as possible) as the two companies continue to grow.

    Here's some pics to remind you of jag's heritage when it comes to motor racing

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    This might just give me the nudge I need to actually start following Formula E properly. Would be nice to see a British name on top in motorsport.

    But the best part of this thread is the XJ220.



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