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    Default Fastest way to earn money?

    Hello chaps,

    Having stayed away from the game for a year now (thanks to its abysmal performance), I finally bought The Crew (performance seems to be improved in Wild Run for me).
    Do you have any hints how to make money fast - and easy - in The Crew? I'd like to get some nice cars but haven't got too much time to play it - sadly.

    Best Regards

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    After you unlock dirt spec they give you 100,000 crew credits which can be spent on a lot. After that the PvP events are probably your best bet.


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    Yes! PvP is the best, Cactus is right, gives out a good chunk of money.
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    Yep I'm still struggling! I have no idea what the payouts are like for The Summit but if you have the WR expansion I'd say that, and the PVP events the guys above mentioned. Either that or find yourself a mission you can do easy and just grind it. Not a lot of fun in that though

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    I believe there are limits on how often you can use this, but towards the end of story mode you unlock Send Friends'. Send virtual representations of them on the longest missions and after x hours (even if you've quit) you'll get the earnings from their result next time you sign in.

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    Plus: We found out yesterday: When you enter the Summit-PvP, take a car that has no optical parts to buy left and all 44 Lvl50-platinum-parts (11 in the car, 33 in the garage) and you earn double the money, because the game has no better or equal performance-part to offer and you get the same amount of money for the performance-part as for the race. Same works on faction-mission, e. g. my Skyline-Street has all lvl50-platinumparts and on the "fleeing the country" i got 33.000 bucks for completing the mission and 33.000 bucks for the performance--part.

    I think thats one of the fastest ways to earn money. This race goes between 10-15 minutes, depending on the way you drive.

    Otherwise, like said before, PvP is good to earn money quicker than elsewhere.
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    Join the first faction Wovles or whatever theyre name is in eng, at the end of the month the winning faction gets bonus missions that give you i think 80K in about 4-5 mins theyre available for 3 days think, the fastest ones is in Raid spec and theyre easy you just need to smash the boxes.

    Apart from that yeah PvP and sending friends to do faction missions is the best

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    Thank you very much for your help!

    I did not try PvP yet (having just finished the story) I tried sending factions missions already. There is a twelve hour waiting period in between (now?), but it's an ok source of money. Sadly I have not bought the Wild Run DLC, so I cannot try your method, Donnie. I have not been able to find the bonus missions, Robik. Where are they?

    So, having finished the story (and visited most of the landmarks), I've got 600.000$ laying around, waiting to be spend on a supercar (mainly for fullstock cruising). Which one would you get?
    And, is there a chance for a sale on the 300 SLR Uhrlenhaut? I saved my 100.000 CC for it only to see it costs nearly 200.000...


    Best Regards

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    Hmm good question. I don't remember how much they cost, but you can't go wrong with the LaFerrari. Personally I'd choose the McLaren F1, proper manual!

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