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    Default - 8.5sec R33 GTS-t

    I've seen it a few times at Santa Pod Raceway - As far as i know it's the world's fastest GTS-t, setting a best 1/4 mile time of 8.515 seconds. John Bradshaw, the owner of this beast, is trying to get it to run 7 seconds soon.

    2008 Specs:

    Engine 1
    (Huge thanks to Abbey Motorsport)
    RB26 bored to 2.8 HKS pistons
    HKS billet crank shaft
    HKS Fuel Rail
    HKS T51 SPL BB Turbo
    HKS Manifold & Wastegate
    HKS Drag Intercooler
    JUN Plenum
    JUN Cams
    One Off head gasket
    Ported & Polished drag cylinder head
    Abbey Motorsport Hard Pipe Kit
    Greddy Oil Cooler
    Mocal Oil Cooler
    Bosch Fuel Pump

    Engine 2
    Specs to be confirmed following testing

    ( Huge thanks to Andy Robinson Race Cars)

    Full Pro Mod Cage legal to 7.5sec
    Jerico 5 speed gearbox with air shifter
    Titanium bell housing
    Mark Williams aluminium propshaft
    Strange drag suspension all round
    Strange brake discs & calipers all round
    One Off Andy Robinson Drag axle
    Stroud parachute
    Andy Robinson Drag Spoiler arrangement.

    From a dyno run in July last year it was running 891hp at the rear wheels and just over 1000hp at the flywheel at only 1.9 Bar, and that was before running 3.0 bar and the 500 shot of Nos they hooked up to it. Unfortunately no details on any outputs after then but with the nos i think it's safe to say it was running 1300+hp with last years 2.8 Twin-Turbo RB engine on the track, and maybe even more with this year's engines. Worth keeping an eye on.
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    Bloody hell thats fast!

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