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    Default VW Buying Out Red Bull?

    The great mystery that is called Eddie Jordan seems to believe that VW will be making a move to buy the Red Bull team and then introduce their own engine in 2018.

    BBC Sport - Volkswagen close to buying Red Bull F1 team

    I've no reason to not believe him as he's broken the news on many things in F1 over the past few years or so and isn't wrong all that often.

    Reckon they can give Merc a run for their money?

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    At first I thought you meant they were buying the entire brand/company.
    But you just mean the F1 team.

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    This would be quite good I think as VW are like unlimited in potential. Would it be a VW branded engine or something else entirely from under their umbrella?
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    Weren't there rumours of Porsche or Audi going to F1?

    P. S. Volksbull sound nice.

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    Good in one sense, having one less engine manufacturer in f1 will be a huge loss....

    ....but a giant corporation such as VW entering the sport does not fix one of the biggest issues in the sport, if anything it might exacerbate the issue, in that the big teams with unlimited resources are walking all over the small teams and that the F1 strategy group refuses to do anything about this as it'd lose them money.

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    It sounds likely to be Audi as the car but there's no mention of the branding that would be on the engine.

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    Surely Red Wagen sounds better.

    Begs the question Mike, isn't F1 only for the biggest players? Ignoring the phrase 'relatively speaking', what are small teams doing in there in the first place? Isn't that what Formula 3, 4, Gulf, E, etc is for?


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