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    Exclamation [RESOLVED] Attachments doubling up when inserting into post

    UPDATE: This issue has now been fixed.


    As some of you have noticed attached images when inserted into posts are not removing the normal attachment display shown at the bottom of posts. This is a bug that has been introduced with this version of vB and will be fixed in a future upgrade. For now though if you wish to avoid this from happening you need to change your Editor mode to Normal (Source Mode) by clicking the icon at the top left (small black A with a diagonal line with a blue A) of the editor and then insert via the Attachments icon (paperclip) and click on the ones you want. When you do this you will see the attachment inserted with the code shown below.


    The problem occurs when you try and insert via the WYSIWYG/Full editor and they get inserted as the below instead.


    Alternatively you can insert the above, remove all the text except the SOMENUMBER and put [ATTACH][/ATTACH] tags around it so it shows like the below resulting in the correct display too.

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    Attachment test.


    Fixed it thanks to RedFoxy of vbulletin.org
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    That's a new record Diablo Broken to fixed in 11 minutes!

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    Yeah got lucky, thought I was going to need to wait until we upgraded tbh.
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    Thank you Diablo.
    My pictures are working again correctly.


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