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    Default RaceOnOz forum member wins GT Academy 2015 final!

    MINT_GTR, aka Matt, a fellow RaceOnOz forumite, who I've had the pleasure of racing against once before, has always been a top GT player in Australia.

    He recently made it to the 2015 GT Academy world finals.

    An exciting race ensued, but I'm told he had mechanical problems mid-race.

    All of the mentors (who are racing drivers) deliberate after the race to decide on an overall winner who get's a Nismo racing contract.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nismo Motorsport
    It was a really close call, but the winner of GT Academy is not all decided on the final race- Matt had a engine problem in his car mid way through the race, causing him to drop down the pack. This along with his performances through the week led the judges to decide on Australia narrowly taking the title.

    We also got a mention @ ISR: This Week Inside Sim Racing August 19th - LIVE ! - YouTube

    Congratulations, Matt!

    RACEONOZ | Congratulate MINT_GTR!

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    Huge congratulations to this bloke Matt and all his mates down in upside down land. Serious talent and mental discipline on display by all participants and now a journey in his life that probably was only a dream a short time ago. Keep us informed of how he does Ry.

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    Join MINT_GTR in the cockpit as he fulfills his dream of racing a real life Nissan GT-R GT3 spec

    It was a bit slippery at Silverstone, but that didn't stop him getting an overtake happening
    FaceBook (video)

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    The link is facebook mobile, got a normal link? Tried just removing the 'm' but no joy.
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    I know, I also tried that

    You can still hit play then Full Screen to make it smaller



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