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    Question Apologies: Expired domain may have caused you connection issues

    Hey there, if you had some difficulty visiting us today (or still are and are not able to view this until now) then please accept our apologies. The issue was caused by an expired domain of ours, that domain was An old one that many of you will remember us having before we became turboduck, but a domain that we treasure and keep due to it being an integral part of our history. This domain is not just used for rose-tinted look backs though, nope it's also used as our nameserver domain so when it expired without notification (bloody host!) all the servers around the world updated with this and thus you were unable to connect, as the correct routing was not being provided to your browser in order to reach us.

    Thankfully though, one of our lazy-eyed (cheers Baldy!) staff notified myself about this, as it appears my ISP is incredibly late in updating their DNS and so I was still able to get on and not realise the issue that was going on!

    The domain has since been renewed, the nameservers updated and now we just wait for the info to propagate around the world, in a manner that tells when our visitors want our domain, they go via the correct route and reach us as is normal.

    Again we are very sorry for any inconvenience and low-duck filled viewings you have experienced today due to this.

    Thanks for reading this and for being a member of our community!


    - turboduck team

    tl;dr: a domain expired which meant your browser had no idea how to reach us.
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    About time it was sorted.
    Tried like...two times to get on today.

    Good to see we still have the tdu-centrial name though!
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    Finally back in the mad house. Thanks goodness for Baldy. Promote that man!

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    Wait what?! Baldy noticed?! Admin of the year award right there

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    Just for you, Andy: The IT Crowd - We Did It!!! - YouTube

    I know dem feelz

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    And here I was, all day enjoying the peace and quiet before people starting coming back on.

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    Was already wondering why I couldn't reach the site the entire day, I thought maybe my cache was messed up (Chrome starts with the last used session, which always includes the chatbox page tab). Nice to see it fixed again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Softie »
    Wait what?! Baldy noticed?! Admin of the year award right there
    Shows he still has his uses right?
    I'm a bit mental.


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