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    Smile More cars and other goodies coming to The Crew -- could we call this Phase 2?

    The first known run of extra cars and items for The Crew finished last month with the RAID pack and people have been wondering what was (or if anything) was to come next. After all, a developer and publisher can say all the things they want in the run up to release but I am sure we all know of instances where hardly any of it, or even none of it came to be true. Thankfully this isn't the case here and today we have our answer as The Crew will start to dish out new cars to current and new Season Pass (SP) owners from June 3rd, beginning with the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7 with an accompanying Performance specification option. For those not in ownership of the SP fear not as a new purchase method for these cars is coming into effect with the use of the in-game Crew Credits (CC) being the means to acquire them.

    We've also been given a look at two other cars that are coming: the MINI Countryman () which will be available in all but Circuit spec and the... wait what ...are you sure about this! ...the impressively rare Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Coupe where you can have Performance and Circuit specifications.

    Sauce: The Crew Blog

    As we have seen some *huh?* expressions around on some faces we decided to reach out, stalk, trip-up and tie to a chair an Ubisoft rep to answer some questions to clarify. (made sure they were idiot-proof*) *tested on Camel

    Q: Will these new cars starting with the Corvette Stingray be free to Season Pass owners?

    A: Yes, if you have the Season Pass the cars will be free for you.

    Q: Can all the cars be purchased by those without the Season Pass?

    A: Yes, all the to be released cars can be bought via Crew Credits (CC) by those without the Season Pass.

    Even more clarification from Ubi forums:
    Alright, just to dispel rumors and confusion:

    • On June 3rd, only the Corvette C7 will be added to the game. The two other cars will be coming at a later point.
    • On June 3rd, only Season Pass owners will have access to the Corvette C7. (as part of their week early access)
    • Season Pass Owners will not need to buy it (the car) or to use any extra money to get it. (exactly the same as the previous packs)
    • All Season Pass owners (old ones or people who decide to get the SP on June 3rd or even after) will get this car and the next ones until it is communicated otherwise.
    • The Season Pass price isn’t changing.
    • Non Season Pass owners will be able to purchase the Corvette C7 on June 10th for Crew Credits only.
    • The price in CCs will be communicated later
    • Season Pass owners keep their one week early access for the additional cars that will be coming in the next months.

    For 360 questions, I'll be following up on those once I get confirmed information regarding this, but it's looking like these will not be added to 360
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    I think we can call it DLC Phase 2. At last in the main forum they say they plan to support the crew way longer then till november.

    Personally I already thougth my self, they maybe setup a second season pass. Either way I personally welcome to see car packs poping up monthly.
    There so many more cars that could walk into the game rigth? Either way I'm very happy that they keep going. not like TDU2 where you wondered "why are there no DLC's? Dont they want extra money?"

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    Im up for some classic cars like Plymouth Cuda, Pontiac Trans Am, though some modern machines would be nice as well P1 maybe?

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