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    Default Do i have a dud Koenigsegg ?

    Hey peeps

    The other day i was on the challenge where you get like.. $15k in like 40 seconds or whatever it was and looked at the high-scores.

    For ages going dwn the cars were all "Koenigsegg CC8S'".

    So, as you do, i went and bought one and gave it tune 3 tuning.

    I then raced against a Chrysler ME-FOUR-TWELVE and it smoked me. It was just a straight track so no turning or anything, but it beasted away from the line and just everywhere. Yet, on the $15k challenge, the Chrysler's are much further down?

    What wrong?
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    Chrysler's are fast off the line but CCRs will beat it on top end speed I think. I haven't downloaded the car unless you're talking about the CC8S.

    Both cars will beat the Chryslers if there is enough space I would say. It may be how your pushing the car, you don't wanna put too much power into the road or it'll smoke and youi'll go nowhere. I hope this helps.

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    oops yeah on about the CC8S
    Edited first post but thanks

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    Maybe you didn't have enough space to get to the top speed. Also agree that the ME Four Twelve (Hairdryer Car ) is faster off the line and would have therefore beaten you if there was not enough space for the CC8S to get faster.

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    I remember chasing the cheater in Hot Pursuit in TDU with a CC8S. The guy was in a ME412 and it really really depends how you drive it. Drive it right and it's the King.


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