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  • Beans

    3 21.43%
  • Noodles

    11 78.57%
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  1. Diablo is offline I'm Delicious!
    Location: Scotland, UK
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    I'm a noodle fanatic and even I tend to stay away from Super Noodles.
    I'm a bit mental.

  2. T1M
    T1M is offline ♥ MX-5 ♥
    Location: United Kingdom of England land
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    What else is there D:

    Other than Pot Noodle

  3. Diablo is offline I'm Delicious!
    Location: Scotland, UK
    Posts: 20,067



    In a bit of a Maggis phase at the moment, bit lacking on contents but two packs fills a bowl nicely.
    I'm a bit mental.

  4. Milli is offline An eternal apprentice.
    Location: Jacareí, São Paulo
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    Noodles, because we don't have that kind of beans here. I mean... beans from a can sounds... peculiar. lol

  5. TDUFREAK500 is online now Rotary <3
    Location: Tauranga, New Zealand
    Posts: 4,151



    Noodles, because I cant stand the taste of baked beans.


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  6. Tob-Racer is offline Aston Martin is life <3
    Location: FRA / ENG
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    Noodles are the best. That vid proves everything

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  7. Ozzmcom is offline BBW-ingame
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  8. ScureHD is offline Burnt-out Shell
    Location: Hungary
    Posts: 21



    Damn, why is it closed. Obvious noodles.

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