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    Default Post your usernames here if you want

    Post your Uplay account name and add in what console you play on. If you want more friends the TDUCkers can add eachother and you can see if anyone is online and you can also use that friend to make money in the faction missions if you want.

    • TDUCk username - Uplay username

    • Andreaz1 - Andreaz1

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    • Ahautcar - Ahautz
    Quote Originally Posted by The Chatbox: 9 Jan 2012
    Camel 3.0: I'll delete you in a minute!
    flo: delete system 32, save your pc
    Ahautcar: odear my motherboard temperature guage's light's flickering on and off

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    Im on PC RobikV3 its in signature too feel free to add me

    Oh and im mostly cruising around so if you need somebody to cruise around hit me up if im playing either invite me to crew or just msg me on Uplay
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    TDU Online again - 28.09.2014
    Uplay : RobikV3

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    • nicram7666 - puItok

  5. nfsMIB is offline Ladedruck
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    nfsMIB - FAVORITESONx (same as on Origin)

  6. PKGTR is offline WAT Racing Development
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    Xbox One: PKGTR

    Message me saying your from TDuck.

  7. geotdu is offline Just a Skidmark
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    GEONFSMW on Uplay

  8. Whinchester is offline Agera-R-GT-R-Aventador-P1
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    Pc : Uplay : TRG-I_-Orion-_I
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