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    Cool 25 million dollor race

    okay this is the deal i tought why not do a really big race.i would say like five guys doing a race to some where and all putting in 5 million each.
    I dont got any track or something.This is just a suggestion.

    And for the money transaction it can be done over car sale's (someone sells a car for 5 million the losers buy it)

    I know that it's not the most reliable way to race for 25 million with but that's the only
    Some people might say"isn't 1 million enough" well 1 million is kind easy to get if you are in champion

    and i guess that we need to make sure everyone is going to pay the price.get to know each other or something

    This is just a suggestion,so come up with new idea's.And tell me what you think about it.And maybe we will have a 25 million dollor race or even more money:eek_blue:

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    guess no one is interested

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    i liked the idea but i am completly broke on tdu. srry wish i could help.
    could you plz add me on xbox live i need more friends?

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    Posted in 2008, it's 2010. Doubt he's still about. Keep an eye on the dates or you might upset some people.


    Quote Originally Posted by DreadMetis »
    Then I woke up in France...


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