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    Miami Blue is freaking gorgeous irl.

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    1982 De Tomaso Deauville Series 2 The Jaguar XJ's sexy italian twin....

    - 5.8 litre V8
    - Quad pipes
    - Gorgeous interior
    - Only 244 ever produced, this is one of just 7 that were made for the UK market
    - They did 2 armoured Deauvilles, amazing
    - This one can be yours for £79,950, but it's had its engine rebuilt and been fully restored for £150k (I never trust restoration costs though)

    De Tomaso Deauville 5.8 V8 Best Example! For Sale (1982) on Car And Classic UK [C828395]

    It's a lot of money, for such a rare car that people will not really recognise or lust after. But wow If I had started a collection I'd definitely want this in it.

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    500 E W124 for almost a hundred grand? Zeer exclusieve en bijzondere auto's | Welkom bij

    Brand new B5 RS 4 Avant for almost a hundred grand? Zeer exclusieve en bijzondere auto's | Welkom bij

    Gotta love these stealerships who get all these 80s to 00s German cars and inflating the prices just because they have low miles.

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    Imo the 500E has all the right things:

    - low mileage, that's what people find most important... except those who know cars a bit more and know that low mileage cán be worse than high-mileage but proof of excellent care
    - fully original, with Bose soundsystem
    - owned by Classic Unterturkheim for 6 years and part of Museum exhibits, car stood in an air bag most of the time.

    That RS4 is also brandnew, the average dealer brandnew-non-demo-already-sold car has more miles just rolling off the line and the transport. And cars in Holland are expensive, so the second-hand price is also high.

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    Heh, missed the description, ok, but 100 grand is still a lot for a 124 these days. If it was the Limited version, maybeee. But the time will come when these will be going for six figures regularly, sure.

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    AutoLeitner, the same one that received Olsson's RS6 before the disaster happened... Doesn't take away that Leitner is a great quality dealership.

    While on the subject of Jon Olsson, he sold his Huracan to a Dutch dealer today. Hoefnagels is the dealer in question, one I didn't know about but they have some great offers (although a tad too expensive if you ask me, it's still a sexy beast).

    Hoefnagels didn't post the Huracan on offer yet. They did post a swag picture of mr. Hoefnagels himself with the Huracan:

    Anyway. Let's hope this Huracan will receive a better faith than the RS6. Still RIP.

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    Naturally Hans is wet, he’s standing under a waterfall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TIMELESS »
    Phwooor! A nice, late-Mk1 800 fastback...right up my street!
    Quote Originally Posted by Calster17
    I did a 1100 mile round trip to get drunk and push cars out of a muddy field, 10/10 would do again
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