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    Default Friday 29th Cruise

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, i didn't see a place for 'Cruises'

    Anyways on short notice, if anyone is up for a cruise tonight i'm available. We'll meet at 8:30pm GMT (UK time) outside the 'Lisa's Diner' in the top right hand corner of the island.

    Bookmark: "Cruise Meeting Point" 2 30960.34 9.66 4359.81 -0.929 0.011 -0.369 427892436

    I will probably be driving the Ford Shelby GR-1 or a Lambo Gallardo in lime green. Feel free to drive whatever you want, but could we try to keep the range of vehicles varied.

    Could you please post here if you plan on coming along so i know if theres many people to wait for, and if anyone could take some pictures or videos that'd be cool. Although it is short notice so i doubt there will be loads of us.

    Feel free to add me on XFIRE: jossgti, and my in-game name is Joss_GTI. Basically i'd like to meet up with some people who speak english, get to know you a bit better and get involved a bit more etc...

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    see if i can make it i'll be in a vette zo6 if a can

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