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    Default This is a brilliant read.

    Note that this is not specifically about TDU, it does speak about it but mainly in that it is inspiring these guys who are the designers of such games as Project Gotham Racing, Motorstorm, Colin McRae DiRT/Race Driver: GRID and Sega Rally. Yes they are mainly console games but don't let that stop you from reading this full article and finding out what these guys are looking at from us as gamers as well at their competition for the racing games of the future.

    Note: There is some instances of swearing used but not much.

    [Next Gen Biz Interview - FEATURE: Is Racing Gaming On Its Last Lap?]
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    good read, and interesting to see the developers views on the future of driving games.

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    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    That was a good read and interesting. Is nice to know what the developers ideas are and what they aim to do. Also its good that a group of developers from different companies can sit in a room and discuss the good and bad points of each others games and rivals with respect for each other.
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    Good read. C'mon TDU!

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    Yer thats good too see them repecting each other and having big respect for TDU going out of that box. Thanks for posting.
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    Great read ... can understand the whole thing about straight circuit racers getting boring ... can't remember the last time I played Forza2 ...

    Love the way they all refer to TDU ... getting good praise where it's due
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    Are they all going to make a cool game soon? That would be cool....

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    nice, very interesting

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    1 year and 4 months bump... nice going...
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    Epic... I hadn't actually read it though so the bump's cool with me.

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    First time read for me too. Pretty interesting stuff.
    I like their take on MP racing, saying that its often spoiled/ruined by 'dukes'.

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    good read rep +


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