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    Diablo would never trust me with making subforums

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    So im going in now if anybody wants to cruise hit me up on uPlay or in game

    I might be on later too but i cant promise anything

    And nobody? Driving alone sucks
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    TDU Online again - 28.09.2014
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    If anybody cruises on the Xbox One, shoot me a message and invite. I'm always down the cruise. I'm an old school cruiser from the TDU days on X360. I'm pretty chill and online whenever I'm not working or spending time with my son.
    I'm on the East Coast US.
    An adult cruiser (somewhat mature)
    i usually follow road rules unless feeling peppy or impatient.... Lol

    either way, I'm always down to cruise, I roll any type of car, basically depending on my mood.

    GT: J0etheBr0 (the O's are zeros)

    Yes, I know the thread hasnt been updated in a while. Don't care. Still seeing if anybody still plays this. I don't have many people to cruise with on here.
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    Anybody up for some cruising, racing, whatever today? Im on now might be later as well

    TDU Online again - 28.09.2014
    Uplay : RobikV3

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