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    Default Assetto Corsa: RC1 release iminent!

    Quote Originally Posted by Press release
    Dear Assetto Corsa fans

    We know that in the last few weeks we have been very silent, but there was a valid reason; all our resources and everybody in the dev team have been working real hard in order to finish Assetto Corsa and to prepare a preview Release Candidate version to journalists from all around the world. On September 29, we organized an exclusive event at Kunos Simulazioni headquarters inside “Autodromo di Vallelunga”. Over 130 journalists have participated in our event, organized with the precious collaboration of Fanatec, NVIDIA, rSEAT, RSR-Nurburg, Media consultants and At the end of the scheduled press conference, during which we illustrated all Assetto Corsa features and the complex development process, our guests got the opportunity to try the release candidate preview of Assetto Corsa in 4 simulators with the latest Fanatec Clubsport Wheel V.2. Additionally, guests could try an amazing rSEAT RS1 M4A Full motion simulator, Fanatec Clubsport Wheel V.2 and pedals and Oculus Rift DK2 . So yes, we know you’ve been waiting for it, Assetto Corsa supports Oculus DK2!

    We could have ended the day there and it would have been a cool typical videogame presentation, but you know we breath motorsport and so we wanted a much more immersive experience for our guests. At the Vallelunga circuit pitlane, 15 real Sportcars that are also included in Assetto Corsa, were available for test drive! We wanted to demonstrate and let our guests compare the fidelity of our simulator with a direct comparison to reality. We will soon post footage, photos and more info about the event, but first let us share with you the info about Assetto Corsa.

    First of all, let us thank you for the incredible support we got to this amazing project and to our software house, by participating in the Early Access program. Lot’s of you have been following this project and our work for a little bit less than a year and probably do not know that when we decided to create and announce Assetto Corsa in 2011, we were thinking to include in version 1.0, a total amount of 15 cars and 3 to 4 italian circuits. Today, Assetto Corsa 1.0 includes circuits like Monza, NurburgringGP, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps and more. All of them created with the use of Laserscan technology. It also includes incredible cars, produced by the likes of Ferrari, McLaren, Pagani, Mercedes, BMW, Alfa Romeo and much more.

    Even more circuits and cars are under development and will be released after version1.0 of Assetto Corsa. Lot’s of those new contents will be free add-ons! This is our way to say thank you for the support you have given us.

    Assetto Corsa Release Candidate will be published in the following days. We’re working with the feedback of our internal beta-testing team, in order to iron out bugs and improve features. The Release Candidate version has substantial differences from the current Steam Early Access version. New features and improvements to the graphics engine, a brand new sound engine based on FMOD Studio that guarantees more immersion, reverb effects and the ability to control a whole new series of additional effects. A complete remake of all the sounds of every single car has been necessary; an incredible amount of work for our sound engineer.

    Some of the features of the new graphics engine, have been already included in the early access build release at the end of the summer. The fantastic videos and screenshots released by the community have shown the a great appreciation of the new engine, but the best is yet to come. Assetto Corsa v1.0 will include heat shimmering, lens flare, God-rays, depth of field improvements, FXAA, tone mapping and more. Every single post processing effect can be activated from the graphics options in order to give you the freedom to configure Assetto Corsa to your specific needs, both in terms of visual quality and performance scalability. Assetto Corsa guarantees adequate frame rate performances, from the most powerful PCs, to the minimum requested hardware configuration. As a matter of fact, the new release also includes support for 4K resolution, static reflections for low performance PCs, dust and dirt on cars, improved smoke and particles, new pilot 3D model that is more detailed and realistic, and collidable objects on circuits.

    Assetto Corsa Release Candidate also includes damage to the car bodies, wings, suspensions, engine, gearbox and tyres. Tyres in particular can now simulate blistering, graining, flat spots and blow ups. Because of all these simulated damages and your always important requests, we work hard to include a feature that we are sure will make everybody excited. Pitstops! We have implemented pitstops with animated cinematic pitcrew. Assetto Corsa v1.0 pitstops implementation will support only multiplayer races, but we’re working hard to include single player pitstops in one of our next free updates. The delay on the single player implementation, is caused by the need to define and balance the AI pitstop strategy during races.

    Assetto Corsa v1.0 is not the end of the journey. More contents and features are being developed and we will inform you about them in the following days. In the mean time, here is the list of the new contents that you will find in Assetto Corsa Release Candidate:
    The Lotus 2-11 GT4 and Lotus Exige S, as well as a unique version of the Evora GTE featuring all body panels made entirely of carbon fibre and substantial weight savings.

    The much anticipated Ferrari 458 GT2 and Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3.
    Ferrari LaFerrari which includes in Assetto Corsa a very advanced simulation of hybrid systems.
    Silverstone National and the legendary SPA-Francorchamps recreated in extreme detail using Laserscan technology.
    A surprise new entry that also showcases the close connection of Assetto Corsa dev team with the community. We’re extremely happy to announce the Carroll-Shelby Cobra 427SC as an official licensed content.

    We had plans to include this car in our officially licensed content, but we were surprised and impressed by the work of a great modder that published some amazing screenshots of his work. His mod has took the community by storm and has been highly appraised by everybody. This convinced us that we had to do something about it. We contacted Carrol-Shelby and got the official license and at the same time we worked with the modder and acquired his work. So here it is, the Shelby Cobra 427SC as a free bonus content for Assetto Corsa 1.0. Obviously the already graet physics have been re-implemented, the graphics and sound assets have been updated and are now completely compatible with Assetto Corsa new graphics and sound engine.

    We think this is a great tribute to the modder’s outstanding work and a compliment and appreciation to the work of the hundreds of modders that are actively supporting Assetto Corsa.
    Dead horse (sauce): Assetto Corsa Release Candidate news! | Assetto Corsa

    [img="Spa Francorchamps, Laserscanned"][/img][img="Power to the modders"][/img][img="SLS GT3"][/img][img="The Little Abarths"][/img][img="The GT2 Battle"][/img][img="Hypercar Epic"][/img]

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    Wow it's been a long time coming but finally v1.0 is approaching.
    I'm a bit mental.

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    I read the press text but I didn't see the videos... They look really appealing! Btw, Kunos should stop announcing Lotus(es) in the game :P
    Anyways I'm really looking forward to the release

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    If only I had a wheel.

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    Assetto Corsa V1.0 RC Released

    Kunos Simulazioni has released Version 1.0.0 Release Candidate for Assetto Corsa, which has been long anticipated for AC's early access participants. Today we celebrate!

    1.0.0 RC
    - Assetto Corsa is now feature complete
    - General bugfixing and performance optimizations
    - Visual damages enabled
    - Aero damage implemented for all cars
    - Engine damage implemented for all cars
    - Suspension damage implemented for all cars
    - Tyre Damage System
    - Pit stop implemented for online races
    - Multiplayer improvements
    - New audio engine implemented
    - New post processing effects enabled, heat shimmering, god rays etc
    - New car : Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde model 2013
    - New car : Ferrari 458 GT2
    - New car : Ferrari LaFerrari
    - New car : Lotus 2 Eleven GT4
    - New car : Lotus Evora GTE Carbon
    - New car : Lotus Exige S
    - New car : Lotus Exige V6 CUP
    - New car : Mercedes AMG SLS GT3
    - New car : Shelby Cobra 427SC
    - New track : Silverstone National
    - New track : Spa Francorchamps
    - New track : Trento Bondone hillclimb
    - Audio sample improvements and volume balancing
    - Added track reverb zones
    - Fixed Traction Control always engaged in particular conditions
    - TC and ABS factory settings now work properly
    - Tuned distance filter and attenuation for exterior sounds
    - Balanced performances for GT2/GT3 cars
    - Lotus 49, Lotus 98T, Ferrari 312T have lower default rev limiters. Can go over 100% but damage may occur on higher revs
    - Improvements on digital instruments cockpits for various cars
    - Added track sound reverb
    - Added different sounds for car to car, car to objects and car to track collisions
    - Improvements on automatic gearbox on various cars
    - All the tracks have been improved and updated with collidable objects
    - Overall interior samples volume correction and balance
    - Overall exterior samples volume correction
    - Tuned wind and tyre rolling volumes and curves
    - Tuned kerb pitch and volume according with speed
    - Tuned ambience(crowd) volume
    - Tuned interior and exterior gearshift sounds
    - Steer animations for Ferrari 458 S3
    - Small fix on the front Pagani Zonda R tyres
    - LOD4 implemented to increase framerate performances
    - Drivetrain damage for cars with H shifter gearboxes.
    - Traction control sound now works for all cars
    - Showroom bugfixing and improvements
    - Added tyre blankets under realism tab. The setting is global for all cars and pre heats tyres at 80 C
    - Career now available
    - New 3D driver models
    - BMW Z4 GT3 aero balancing, rear wings stalls more on low values
    - New TCP/UDP server
    - All tyres have graining and blistering enabled
    - All tyres have rim radius
    - Fixed all F1 cameras for all vehicles
    - Fixed all F6 cameras for all vehicles
    - GUI improvements
    - Driver animations improvements
    - Replay now records the current leaderboard
    - Oculus DK2 support
    - Single player Qualify improved

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    i know this is a RC and not the full 1.0 but..


    -new graphic/shaders/light are amazing
    -better sound engine
    -car models are awasome
    -improved FFB
    - etc...


    -all view also external have interior sound. boring if you like to drive with Ext view.
    -some sound is still in WIP.. LaFerrari for examples is one of these.
    -no car ingnition, no launch contol in cars like 458, mp412c etc..
    - Trento bondone looks like a direct conversion from Nektar pro, someone in AC forum said that (for example : trento bondone 200mb texture and SPA 500mb)
    -there are some bugs that need to be fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damys »
    no launch contol in cars like 458, mp412c etc..
    I was wondering the other day, I don't know any game that does this level of simulation. When sim word comes up it's always about the driving physics but other things are always left out. For instance we have all these hybrid powered prototypes now but the electric power is not simulated. And no gt's fake hybrid gauges don't count.

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    I think a lot of people use the terms 'realism' and 'simulation' interchangeably when they're not exactly the same thing. Realism refers to the final result, simulation refers to the process of how the game got to that result - i.e. has the physics engine calculated tens of parameters hundreds of times per second in the areas of engine performance, suspension geometry and tyre contact/heating/wear.

    For example, a game might have a supercar that accelerates from 0-100kph in 3 seconds... which compared to information on Wikipedia about the real car, is realistic.
    While a game (i.e. NFS) could easily set how quickly a car accelerates through the gears, a simulator might actually calculate parameters that could influence and change that 0-100km, such as the weight of the onboard fuel, the altitude of the track, time of day, air temperature/density, etc. As computers become more powerful more of these parameters can be simulated in real time, depending of course on resource allocation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damys »
    i know this is a RC and not the full 1.0 but.. [COLOR=#00FF00][B]


    -all view also external have interior sound. boring if you like to drive with Ext view.
    -some sound is still in WIP.. LaFerrari for examples is one of these.

    Agree on that! External view sound is dull and boring. I don't because I'm always on the cockpit camera, but it's good to hear something different from time to time and switch to the ext. camera. I think the best game in this department is NFS: MW2012 (the latest NFS I played), the outside sounds were simply astonishing.

    Overall AC had a great improvement and it's a great product for a studio of such size

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    I own asetto corsa since the beta came out. My wheel broke though
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