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  1. Hammy is offline DoUcHe BaG
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    Default Chrome Cars?

    i seen about 4 chrome looking cars flying about last night, anyone know how to get the colour ?

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    Default Re: Chrome Cars?

    Theres a particular car that comes out of the showroom in polished aluminum. Ive got one, cant remember what cat it is though. Its not an effect you can create aftermarket.

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    Default Re: Chrome Cars?

    The Cobra Coupe Concept thingy from the Ford dealer comes in Chrome.

    I don't think you can paint cars Chrome tho
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    Default Re: Chrome Cars?

    ah well, imma have to buy me one of them. thx for the replies

  5. Street Ryder is offline Speed Demon
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    Default Re: Chrome Cars?

    didnt know you could get chrome cars, you learn somrthing new every day lol

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    Default Re: Chrome Cars?

    real chrome cars way a ton and are totally useless to drive

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    Default Re: Chrome Cars?

    The Polished Aluminium car is the Shelby GR-1 Concept, it's great to watch everything including other cars reflect in your bodywork.
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