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    Default The Crew - Handling Discussion

    In the brief beta test I didn't get around to a lot of detailed customisation (it may have been somewhat locked), but if you stick to the default spec types that we had available...

    Full Stock... is discouraged in game for not being competitive (no NOS)
    Street... is encouraged for most races, has high grip, high top speed, not suitable for drifting unless you chuck the car into a tight corner, perform a scandinavian flick, or do donights from standstill.
    Dirt... allows better drifts, but has a lower top speed which is bad for highways, fast roads, keeping up with friends, etc. My Dirt spec Camaro was a lower performance level than my Street one however, unlocking more upgrades could make it faster.

    Now, it may just be that in the full game, with more time and career progression, you can make dirt spec cars faster, or you can completely customise by part, and essentially put 'dirt' tyres onto your street spec car, and voila, you can drift and enjoy the handling as we all hoped.

    What do you guys think?

    One of my videos - starting with Street spec, then switching to Dirt spec near the end

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    I dunno if You've noticed but the full stock cars have actually the highest v-max. Also they're quite drifty . I wouldn't say they're not competetive since there's a working drafting/slipstream system.

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    I was referring to what Zoe tells you early on when she gets you to visit the tuner

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    I honestly haven't felt much difference between the cars in terms of handling. As i have said before. And badly on twitter where I had to fit my opinion in 140 signs which was actually impossible.

    Maybe i'm just spoiled by more deep handling in sims like pCARS and Assetto Corsa, but really the way the cars handle in theCrew just feels the same to me.
    I have switched back and forth from hardcore to sport and back but i couldn't really feel a big difference in handling to those modes.
    It feels like instead of a wide variety of cars being platforms for upgrades the different racing styles have their own handling.
    It's logical that rally spec cars feel more the same to each other instead of the road cars, but seriously the only difference I felt between the road cars was the willingness to turn.

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    That makes no sense.

    There is a big difference in handling between the starter cars. You can test them all when you get to the dealer. You can clearly feel the weight difference for example.
    They al have their unique character and handling. This can be improved and sharpened by applying upgrades with performance parts. But the main character of the car remains.

    This is one of the main featrues of The Crew, that makes it stand out from other Arcade oriented race games.
    The handling and indiviuality of the cars clearly stand out. Especially if you play with a well setup wheel.
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    Guys, maybe you already know, but if you want to turn this childish arcade racer to something more serious, closer to a simulator, you need drift mode + a wheel that can have around 600 + a tuned FFB (and playing with "hardcore" setting of course).

    You will have then a new handling that requires much more skills and brings good sensations unlike the defaut which is a joke.

    I really wanted this game to be the real TDU3 and i was so disapointed, but since I recently discovered this setup I was amazed, I finally found almost the game of my dreams : a realistic driving (sort of) and a gigantic network of open roads for cruising.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor G. »
    ... but since I recently discovered this setup I was amazed, I finally found almost the game of my dreams : a realistic driving (sort of) and a gigantic network of open roads for cruising.
    That sounds like a good compromise you've come across if you're saying this Doc. Glad the game has become playable for you now.
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    Sure it's great like that, far from being perfect but good enough for me. However it's like I'm the only one doing this and it's too bad because I'm sure that if they would know, a lot of people could be interested, especially the old TDU 1 H MODE cruisers. For now all I see is, for the worst, the regular arcade players everywhere and for the best, some guys using drift mode but they're all on keyboard and drifting over and over on the same twisty roads, not cruising everywhere like I do :(
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    Why not try organising a cruise on the forums here like in the olden days

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    I would be down for that, haven't played TC in a while.

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