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    Default Official Site listing DLC

    The packs are listed and not the test in bold up top: Log onto Xbox Live® today and go to Xbox Live Marketplace for new vehicles... Download any of these car sets and obtain access to these vehicles within their respective dealerships*

    Hope this is true.
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Default Re: Official Site listing DLC

    Nice, ill get up early tommorow to check if its there

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    Default Re: Official Site listing DLC

    It's not up yet guys ... time to do some 180mph races to get some cash
    I'd rather be topless !

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    Default Re: Official Site listing DLC

    Great! Now I can get my Upload thing and the DLC! (Getting ripped off ofcorse but hey!
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    Default Re: Official Site listing DLC

    *Ignore me, Im a retard*

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    Default Re: Official Site listing DLC

    Quote Originally Posted by tthorrpeyy »
    *Ignore me, Im a retard*

    what ya on about, you been smokin that **** again lol, its great that they finnaly got the download out woo



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