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    Question Classics?

    okay so i ordered the game i got it today but now to my suprise its "test drive unlimited classics":eek_blue: and on the website i bought it from it's a picture of the orginal test drive unlimited and dosen't mention at al that the game ia a classics and if haven't got this wrong "Classics" are xbox versions. and now is my question is is there big different in regular xbox360 version and classics becuse i dont want to open the plastic around it,then i will never be able to return it

    becuse i wanna enyoi the full graphics of the game

    here's a picture of the game i got

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    I believe classics are just popular games that were released a while ago. I don't think there was an Xbox version... (chime in TDU nerds)

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    No, there's no version of TDU on old Xbox. I thought classics were (as tWm. said), popular games released a while ago and with updates and patches and stuff like that.

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    okay then i'll open it ......but if it's wrong i'l' will kill you


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    I Lov It ;d

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    No. It shouldn't be different in anyway. All it is, is marketing, to make you see it (and as you did), buy it

    Anyway, welcome aboard
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    I think the 'Classics' series are when games sell a certain level, or to try and get more people to buy it once it's been out for a while ... looks like proper TDU to me
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    yep i've got a classic TDU

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    Welcome to the forums!
    Shouldn't be any different as I agree with other people about the so called "Classics" range being more popular games being released in different packaging and therefore making them cheaper

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    Yer when i re-bought the game I got a classic one, exactly the same as before.
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