Santtu's A4

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    Cool Santtu's A4

    So yeah, this happened. A3 has sadly seen its best days and it was time for me to move on and get something bigger (and with air conditioning, didn't want my car to become a sauna during the summers!). Things went kinda well and it all came down to this - time to meet my A4!

    It's a 2003 B6 with the 2.0l petrol engine. No quattro sadly, would have been too expensive. I really wanted an avant too but this is still better than fine by me

    It has only done about 157 000km, which isn't a lot for a 11 year old car in Finland. In fact, it's basically nothing at all. Only few minor faults with this car, mostly interior-related (stuff like the glovebox hinges being broken from one side, nothing too bad)

    Haven't really had time to take any photos yet but more pics from the interior etc will come

    I love this car
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    Car looks clean. First picture looks like it was taken from a videogame lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by killalldude »
    Car looks clean. First picture looks like it was taken from a videogame lol.
    My thoughts exactly. Not sure if GT5 photo mode

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