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    Default Big Cruise

    Okay guys, heres the deal. I'd like to start up a full 8 player island drift or cruise. I know there are some people who want to go around the island with other people. So I'm trying to make it possible. So before anything you MUST contact me via gamertag (JOE G MAD) and I will figure out the range of speed the car must beable to reach AND beable to stay under. This could also be a great oppurtunity to uncover the streets and mountains. And please if you wanna come along its required to have a mike so i can comunicate with you if you fall to far behind. If possible it would be wise to make a club if not in one already so we can meet up, other wise we will find a specific place to meet up. Just adding Every so miles we will stop at a Gas station or the closest thing to a gas station.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Sounds like you're gonna kick people if they don't keep up?!
    Doesn't cound like any cruise i've ever been on, more like a race.

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    doesn't it just, if people fall too behind, just pull over and wait for them, and for cars just make it a certain class, it's much easier that way. Maybe you should see what people do on the island, and then follow by that example.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

    "Life is like a slush puppy, the longer you leave things the more they melt"

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    Yeah Like I always find random people and they follow me and today me and this guy went off roading in cadilliacs it was cool there was like dunes and all. ahaha


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