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    Atari could have easily made a lot of money with TDU2, by just releasing the cars that were prepared as DLC packs, once every 3 months or so. The Solar Crown was also originally meant to be done again. But that was patched. They were on the verge of bankruptcy when TDU2 was released, selling their table silver and rushing a release as a last stand.
    But that is history. And now i have been at the Ivory Tower Studio, i know where the talent has gone.

    Off course UbiSoft will try different ways to get revenues from The Crew. They have been very patient, letting the developers create something very good. That takes a big investment and commitment.

    So the price of the game, combined with some cool DLC and some micro-n00b-unlock codes for the impatient gold card pre-teens, is a good way to make some cash. I don't really see an issue, as Julian Gerighty already confirmed there is no Pay-to-Win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheXRacer »
    We do not need to defend Ubi or Ivory for being way too vague about the subject. I mean the only straight answer we got was from Julian for Duck sake, and he had to be tweeted at directly for an answer!

    That's a PR cack up if ever I've seen one and it's up to Ubi to calm all the riled gamers' tits*, not us.

    *No offense Milli
    None taken.

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    The Crew Limited Edition with Pit-Stop Pack:

    • The Crew Limited Edition, including:
    • The Crew Tyre Flask
    • A 4GB USB Drive with a The Crew design

    only at

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    Gamers, how realistic is car physics in the game?

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    Something between Driver:SF and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010. My opinion. (beta tester here)

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    Ahhh so it's not realistic like TDU?

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    Yes, it is like TDU in that it's not realistic

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    I've played only the PC betas, and it reminded me a lot of Midnight Club: LA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fusgui »
    I've played only the PC betas, and it reminded me a lot of Midnight Club: LA
    Yeah it definitely has the same kind of feel to it, especially when you are actually in LA in the game. Really hope Rockstar does another midnight club someday soon, such good games.

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    Nice work on the update Ry, thanks for that.
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Can we get some little gold stars or something to show what was updated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzza5 »
    I had no idea what that was supposed to mean until I quoted it. Cheers bruh.

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    As far as I know the Xbox 360 version is missing cockpit view
    Apart this, does it lack of other stuff too? I don't care that much about cockpit view, I rarely use it

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    Some stuff about future updates:
    No new areas planned for The Crew but you'll soon be able to make your own movies - The Crew for PS4 News
    TL;DR no new areas planned, but there'll be videomode, better camera for exploring and TDU-like instant challenges

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    does videomode include photomode I wonder

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    Q: Is 'active aero' active in The Crew? (popup wings, vents, picnic tables etc)
    A: Have to take them at their word on this, but it appears if a car in the game has it in real-life then it will have it in the game too.
    Not sure when this thread was last updated but I can confirm this. McLaren Mp4-12C, Koenigsegg Agera R and Ferrari LaFerrair to name three off the top of my head. The Pagani Huayra too I think. It should...
    "Tell me, if your uncle Jack helped you off an Elephant, would you help your uncle Jack off an Elephant?" - Guru Pitka, The Love Guru

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    cars with complete active aero
    - 458 specialle
    - laferrari
    - mp4-12c
    - Agera R
    - Bentley Continental GT
    - Ruf CTR-3
    - huayra
    - aventador

    some cars that have incomplete or no active aero
    - Merc SLS - no wing pop-up
    - Ruf 3400k - no wing pop-up
    - Murcielago - no rear wing pop up, mirrors don't bend at speed, only intake flaps lift
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