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    I think it's actually close to the Beta phase, saw on their twitter that they were releasing more info to those who had signed up for info on the Beta at the end of last week.
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    Corolla announced

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    AE86 So... are we getting that in pCars?

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    We would like to inform everyone that and Saber Interactive has reached an agreement which moves the continued development and publishing of World of Speed to Saber Interactive.

    To know more about Saber Interactive and its games, please check out their official web-site:
    Saber Interactive | Video Games

    As part of the change of hands, from now on this web-site will not be updated and supported. To keep getting updates and announcements about World of Speed, please visit

    Also, we are thrilled to announce that all World of Speed fans will now be able to join the Steam Early Access launched by Saber Interactive: World of Speed on Steam.

    We are happy that the game is back on track, and we want to thank the community for your support and dedication. Our best wishes go out to the success of World of Speed!

    — Team
    WORLD OF SPEED IS BACK | World of Speed
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    That SLS with Ferrari 360 bumper is making me feel weird

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