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    Default Brilliant Firefox Addon

    Just found this...

    PicLens - Firefox addon

    PicLens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen 3D experience for viewing images across the web. Our new interactive "3D Wall" lets you effortlessly drag, click, and zoom your way around a wall of pictures for an extraordinary viewing experience. The new search box lets you search the Web in full-screen using Google, Yahoo, SmugMug, Flickr, Photobucket, and DeviantArt. Just type a query and view all the results in the PicLens wall.

    I cannot recommend this enough, it's absolutely brilliant. The animations are smooth, even on my little laptop. The only gripe I have is the images take a little while to smooth out when you click on them, but meh. Download - now!

    Oh, and it doesn't work on FF3 Beta yet, you'll have to go back to 2 like it did

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    OMG this is awesome! Nice find Randy!

    OMG Drooling

    I just went to my signature album on Photobucket, click the PicLens button on the Mario Picture and sit back and enjoy

    DIablo, you have to enable this on the website, will be awesome!!
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    Wow looks good! Downloading commencing

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheScottishSpotter »
    Wow looks good! Downloading commencing
    Download Commencing? Lol it's only 1 mb, so it;s more Like

    >> Downlo...... Download Finished

    Randy, go to Google Image, type in A, and click PicLens on the first picture, and just let it load for a while, 416,000,000 images lol

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    DAMN!! this things trippy! i like it! to bad not enough sites support it. But it has brought a whole new dimension to searching Deviant art for shadow pictures........................What?

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    lol, each to his own

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    Wow thats good.
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