Hybrids !

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    Default Hybrids !

    When out driving with a bunch of escaped grapes last week, we parked up and then started getting inside each other (ooh matron!), no not that way you dirty minded dingos, I mean ye usual pause and merge method and some of them were just too weird and stupid looking to actually bother with whereas others looked the dogs dangly bits!

    People I give you TDU Hybrids.
    (Click thumbs below for larger image)

    Note: Very dodgy Photoshopping is viewable in some images.

    Lamborghini Gallardo LM

    Ferrari Enzo M400

    Feel free to post your own !
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Wicked... you will have to get a pic of the multi-car (7-8) hybrids we make at the lighthouse Diablo! The Pagani/RUF/Enzo/Gallardo hybrid...good times

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    I got some Enzo Hybrids in this album.

    BTW Shouldn't this be in TDU General?

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    6 exhaust pipes on the enzo! wicked! at first it looked like an F50 to me. hahaha!

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    Default got

    James May's idea before him lol

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    LOL!!! I want to do that sometime.

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    Hey Diablo, did you ever get that pic you took of us at 'glitch hill'?

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    This looks interesting, anyone have more?

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    So, where does the exhaust exit on the Enzo M400?

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    I used to have lots of these, only this one I could actually find...

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    wth is going on with the tyres on the E-type?
    Shinny Side Up

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    I forgot something when I went to delete the APC mod


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