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    Default TDU-C: Cars & Coffee Cruise!

    Hello everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an "Cars & Coffee cruise" between 11th - 16th of February?

    We could do it like the last event Mb was behind (I missed that one, but I suppose it was fun)

    Please reply as I would like to know if anyone is interested

    EDIT: We can plan time, place etc. later on For know, I just want to know who would be interested Otherwise, I don't mind if it's going to like the previous one =)
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    Sure sounds fun as my exams are finished by then so Yes I'm in if you want to do it

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    I might actually try and get into a cruise with TDUC for once, does depend what time it is though. Certainly interested anyhoos

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    Wow a five day cruise.

    I'm not totally stupid not to know what it means if anyone is intressted
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    I'm interested


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