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    Default O Rly? Ya Rly!

    these two legends were photo'd within ten feet of each other lol

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    no she di-int! hahahaha!

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    Theres a polish lad in my form at school and everyday he goes upto someone and gets them to say this over and over again

    1 - Oh Rly
    2 - Ya Rly
    1- No way
    2 - Ya seriously
    1 - I know Bob Marley

    He will go through it like 10 times at once. It was funny but now its just annoyin.

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    Damn, i wanted the O RLY licence plate... Guess i'll have to get a NO WAI!!! licence plate when i get my car and hunt those two down .

    Btw, at a show i went to at Santa Pod last year there was an EP3 Civic Type-R and at the top of the windshield there was a sign saying YA SRSLY Automotive. I lol'd for ages at it, my dad couldn't understand why i was laughing so much .


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