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    Default Status & Updates: AKA things we break, add, remove and try to fix.

    I thought we had a thread for this sort of thing but I guess we don't... well we do now but you know what I mean. No matter, this thread will be used to inform you muppets about stuff going on, stuff we don't know about and explaining why that thing happened before that shouldn't have.

    Got that? Ok good.

    Latest Updates at the top.

    2017-03-03: 'Recent' navigation tab will now display different activity depending on where it is accessed from: main forum areas will list all non-Mod Shop activity whereas viewing from inside the 'Mods' section will show all 'Mod Shop' activity instead. To view everything all over you can still access 'New Posts' from the secondary navigation under the main one, and 'Today's Posts' from the Quick Links menu.
    'Mod Shop' has been broken off from displaying on the main forum home into its own section and is now easily accessed through a dedicated 'Mods' navigation tab at the top of the forum.

    2016-01-02: Implemented a feature that allows members to 'Ignore Forums and Threads' meaning they will not display in certain areas. This can be accessed via your User CP under the 'My Account' sub-heading. Note: This does not work in the Activity Stream which is accessed via the NEW! link on the main navigation up top. -- removed due to not functioning in key areas
    2016-01-01: Brought the 'Likes' system back to the forum after a bit of an absence due to incompatibility with previous upgrade.

    Older Updates - some of these may still be active or removed

    2015-12-12: tduck gets its decorations, lights, santa hat and snow back on for another year!
    2015-08-13: Unleashed the latest style of SEVEN on the -- responsive (idiot created) design for our mobile and tablet visitors.

    2014-02-17: Implemented a feature. that keeps the Original Post on top of all pages in the Mod Shop 'Released' sub-forums.
    2014-01-27: Fixed the display of SoTW winner tooltip so it shows again.
    2014-01-23: Moved location of chatbox on index, changed header banner to show only on Forum Home and moved popular games buttons to a lower down position.
    2014-01-21: Styled chatbox full and archive to better display the chatbox itself.
    2014-01-13: 'Latest Posts' block auto-refreshes to show members the most up to date posts on the forum.

    2013-11-24: Updated jQuery to latest version, banner image tooltip not displaying due to this. Will fix in near future.
    2013-11-19: 'Likes' no longer give any rep.
    2013-11-17: Cleaned up Search Results display.
    2013-11-13: Switched font to 'Noto Sans' and increased it's size in posts.
    2013-08-19: Option added to [img][/img] tags so that you can now add a Title or Description to them. Why do this? To help people find them via Search engines and Image searches basically. How? To use simply add your text to the tag like so. [img="Add your text or description here to show it on the image when cursor is over it"][/img].

    example Add your text or description here to show it on the image when cursor is over it

    Note: at the moment this cannot be used with images larger than 720px wide and 720px high.
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    I don't think this was ever posted anywhere outside of the chatbox, so I'll do it here...

    If you 'Like' a post, it used to add 1 Rep point to that person, but now this is no longer the case. If you wish to give Rep points to someone, you'll need to do it the old-fashioned way using the 'star' icon at the bottom left of the post. You can still 'Like' a post immediately after giving rep (may not work the other way around though).

    Just a reminder that abuse of the rep system (positive or negative) is against the rules, and the forum staff may take action against this if required.

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    2017-03-30: New Rank icons have been implemented. We have had the shinies for soooo long that I felt it was time for a change. I have also reworked the postbits (the things the hold your post content) to display better on tablet devices and fixed the 'Horizontal' postbit which I appeared to have left in an unfinished state when SEVEN was released. Very sorry about that to the small amount of you who use that layout.
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