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    Default General TeamSpeak or Vent Server

    Hello all,

    Maybe I am just not having a good time of it but I turned off ingame voice a long time ago and have never turned it back on.

    That being said, I am wondering if there is a TeamSpeak or Ventrillo server that is always up where people join in and can chat while they drive?

    This came to mind with the upcoming Gumball Rally that IcedBullet is putting together. It will be cool to use it for that event, but then I thought why should it be restricted to just that event. Then I thought, this has to be in place already.

    So anyone have any details of a server that is always up for us TDU folks?

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    *edited blank* - humph
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    I also have a Teamspeak server, i'm happy for you to join. Theres 10 places and don't put your name as Guest#1 as a person called that keeps coming in and annoying the hell out of me. The server address

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    Yah, because the vent I use is for another community and they wouldn't mind at all Iced.. [/sarcasm_off]
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