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    Default We need a X-Fi patch for TDU

    I know this is not an official TDU forum but I will cry out here anyways...hehe

    Me and many I know have serious sound problems with TDU...the sound is choppy,and make the overall game performance choppy and no smoothly experience...many times the sound just disappear..

    Some bugs like firetruck comes/drives towards you and just disappear,textures on trees are flashing..and often when you drive head on with a car coming towards you you will bounce up in the air and suddenly you are on the ground's weird...

    This game has more bugs in it then the beta had..
    Starting to wonder if the "full version" I have infront of me is the beta

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    Default Re: We need a X-Fi patch for TDU

    The game performance being choppy, no smoothly experience and the trees flashing I don't know about.

    The cars and firetrucks diapearing is caused when your online the cars you are seeing can be different to the ones online so the game corrects it and that causes cars suddenly smashing into you or speeding away from you.

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    Default Re: We need a X-Fi patch for TDU

    Like Phil said above about the trucks. The sound problems are new to me though?
    ...I Still Dawdle Round These Ends...

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    Default Re: We need a X-Fi patch for TDU

    My brother had the flashing texture problem, all he did was lower the Hz.


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