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    I assume you have posted details on the official forums...

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    Me ?
    Yep i did.
    But as many others, havent got an official reply.
    And i have tried all unofficial suggestions, none worked.
    But it doesnt really matter now for me, i cant have the game so i wont bother with it.
    Duxxilly in the game

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    The game runs here, but i get some massive fps drops in races with multiple cars, feels bordeline unplayable. I can only cruise with not more than 2 players on screen

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    erm, is this still being updated? I noticed a lot of new content is missing, BTW, BMW M4 has just been announced in the game wild run event.

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    Just haven't had the time unfortunately. I could transfer the thread over to you if you would like to take charge over its up-keep?

    Alternatively post all the ones you know we're missing and we will add them.
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    i think i'll just post the missing ones, since i dunno for how long i'll keep on playing this weekly

    Alfa Romeo
    -- 4C 2015 [Speed Pack][image] :: [performance]

    Aston Martin
    -- 2012 Vanquish :: [performance]

    -- M4 (F82)
    -- X6 M (E71) :: [performance]
    -- Z4 sDrive35is 2011 - street edition :: [street]
    -- 2015 S1000RR :: [performance] [circuit]
    -- R1200GS Adventure :: [street] [dirt] [raid]

    - Ram SRT-10 - street edition :: [street]

    - 2015 Diavel :: [performance] [circuit]
    - 2015 Monster 1200 S :: [street] [performance]

    - Mustang gt 2015 - street edition :: [street]

    - Scout :: [street] [performance]

    -- Ninja H2 :: [performance] [circuit]
    - 2015 1290 Super Duke R ABS :: [performance] [circuit version listed in the bike shop, but you can't buy it in the tune shop]
    - 2015 450 EXC :: [street] [dirt] [raid]

    - Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera :: [performance] [circuit]

    - 2013 Exige S :: [performance]
    - Evora GTE :: [performance]

    - GranTurismo S :: [performance] [circuit]

    - RX-7 :: [performance]

    -- 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe (W196) :: [performance] [circuit]
    -- C63 AMG Coupé Black Series :: [performance] [circuit]
    -- SL 63 AMG (R230) :: [performance] [circuit]
    -- SLS AMG (C197) :: [performance] [circuit]
    -- SLR Mclaren 722 Edition :: [performance] [circuit]

    -- Cooper S 2010 - street edition :: [street]
    -- Cooper S Countryman ALL4

    -- Zonda F :: [performance]

    -- 3400K :: [dirt] [performance] [raid] [circuit]
    -- RT35 :: [dirt] [performance]

    -- S7 :: [performance] [ circuit]

    - 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8 :: [street] [dirt]

    - BRZ :: [street] [performance]

    -- Sagaris :: [performance]

    i think this is all so far

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    Thanks for that!

    Updated the first post. Does still need tidying up though.

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    when i get some time i'll make pictures of most of the new cars so you can use, i'm still missing some the extreme specs from wild run, but i'll look into them later since they are overly expensive to buy (they all start at 100k at least, thats a lot of griding).

    About the street editions, i added them because they do have different bodykits than the stock cars, and i forgot a minor fix, the F458 have a [circuit] spec now, its the GT3 car.

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    Thanks OZ! That'd be really appreciated I'll edit the circuit 458 into the first post now. Thanks for your contributions! Can't wait for the pics

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    ok, did some photos, testing out sizing and visuals to see if i can generate a decent setup for all photos too look equal. I uploaded them to my dropbox, follow the link to check them

    Dropbox - The_Crew_vehicles

    if all is good, i'll just update the folder with new ones.


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