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    Exclamation question to diablo

    i just sent a freind request for xbox live dude are u sponsered by atari if you are nice and how do we join and do u get atari games cheaper if you are sponsered by atari and when is tdu2 coming out i cant wait.

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    i could answer a few of these but i'll let diablo do it, Have fun
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    IDK, thats probably just his avatar of XBL. I have seen people with that who have just started, Diablo should answer it better.

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    ok kool

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    Hey ebadat, I'm not sponsored or in anyway officially employed by Atari, I am only a moderator at their European forums. I do get some perks such as some games sent through but nothing too crazy. I can also request prizes such as t-shirts and such for the community but apart from that nope there is nothing else I can really do.

    Of course I do see some behind the scenes things that I can and cannot talk about but nothing too exciting or the like, examples being I might know when a DLC is away for certification but nothing about a release date or anything as clear as that unfortunately.

    As for TDU2, only Eden and Atari know about that and even though it is in production and under development there has been no set release hinted or sniffed at. Features, location and licences are the same with nothing being said though I do have a feeling that after Alone in the Dark is released, we will start hearing more about the next TDU.

    Oh almost forgot the Atari gamerbadge or whatever they call it is available to everyone.
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