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    I don't think he'll mind if someone does take over the thread to be honest. At least, he hasn't posted on the forums in almost two years (can't find where it mentions his last visit). He's still alive and kicking and all that, but life and stuff.

    On topic, OBS doesn't do a bad job and has no performance hit that I've noticed (plus you can stream with it which is all the rage these days). Free to record and/or stream, but I've never got the video quality to be quite as good as other programs when it comes to recording. However, I can't say I've tried too much to get more out of it.

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    Haven't seen Adam in ages, I'm sure he'll not mind a takeover.

    Since going with an nVidia card I haven't used anything else but ShadowPlay, the quality is good and I can't say I notice a performance hit when I'm recording. The file sizes aren't exactly small but that's par for the course.

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    Yeah, that Nvidia thing is really good, I stream a lot with it and it never failed.

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    I'm in the shadowplay crew. I do use FRAPS if I need looseless capture for something cinematic but the ability to record something that happened moments before is pure gold and it also captures the possible voice chat in those situations unlike the "record that" feature on the Xbox. Nothing bad to say about it
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