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    Default Need Help Guyssssssss

    so turn on my 360 pop in test drive..when i press start it says some of the content you have on yr profile is no longer available and asks me do i want to go to xbox live market place...i press no and it wont let me start a game without going to live then after a min or so it freezes wtf??? i tried all my games to see if my system was going down the pan but they all work....any help would be helpful

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    I've never had this but lots of people have so i'm sure they'll tell you whats wrong. I seem to remember that you just re-download it (it's free) and it works, i'm sure someone will help you properly soon though.
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    i tried re downloading twice sigh ......btw sry about the language :P u know how it is no tdu=the sadness lol

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    i had this once, sadly i had to start the game again, on the other hand i would leave it a few weeks as when they re-release DLC6 they may put an update that fixes this problem. Hope that helps.
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