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    Default 500 MS Points FREE!!

    Warning there is a catch,.

    Just got an email through from saying that you can get 500ms points free when you buy a 12month gold membership. Good news if you need a renewall or a new member but crap if you have 10months left like me. Info from email below.

    Xbox LIVE Gold lets you and your mates get so much more from the latest titles. For just under £40 for a year, the latest multiplayer features are all yours for a lot less than the cost of, say, a really cheap phone contract. And as everyone knows, it's better to play with friends.

    Sign up for a 12 month Gold membership before February 13 and we'll give you 500 Microsoft Points to spend in Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

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    well, i dont have 360 but you're gettin + rep!!!!

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    Damnit, mine runs out in August.

  4. Mb
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    Mine runs out in December

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    I think mine runs out quite soon, i have the money for a month as well so YAY, thanks for the info NODZ

    Rep +

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    Aww, I got mine last Christmas, no point of getting it now while I have 12 more months.

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    hehe i just got it today.

  8. Who
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    dammit! i just did the renewal like, the 21st...
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    I gotta get mine soon. FREE 500 points yah!


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