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    Exclamation Anyone else aware of this site?

    Seems a bit familiar...

    TDU Central?

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    yes diablo knows about this and it's complicated so i'll let him explain it
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

    "Life is like a slush puppy, the longer you leave things the more they melt"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enos »

    Seems a bit familiar...

    TDU Central?

    I think this has been posted before somewhere, however I can't find where yet, it was a long time ago, I'm sure Diablo will know though.

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    Wasn't that the original TDU Central before this one? I remember some original german site like that and i'm sure it's the same one. Or am I on a lost route?

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    Before I read the other posts I thought it was a competing TDU club. And I was going to say they can't beat TDU-C we own them! lol. Any I can't read what is written.

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    I'm a bit mental.

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    Thanks for the explanation Diablo and thanks for clearing that up. Was having doubts about what I said


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