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  1. Mb
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    So you bacon'd yourself?

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    A little bit. I only burnt myself with the shower of red hot metal from grinding a bolt off the steering column.

    It was the car that I set on fire with the blowtorch not me. Although I don't blame you for thinking I set myself on fire. Trying to heat up a seized bolt on the subframe mount in an awkward position, got the flame on the rubber and it set on fire.

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    Another day of good weather spent working on t'old Mini.

    It all started with the doors falling off...

    Which involved me getting my head stuck under the wheel arch with my back against a garage.

    Then inside is completely gutted.

    Dropped the engine and subframe to make it easier to clear the car over the top.

    Picked the front end up and spun it around a bit.

    And then my hands were too dirty to use my phone so no more pics.

    But me and my brother picked the car up and put it on the lawn out of the way. Quite heavy by the way and really awkward as there's not really anywhere to get a decent grip to lift it.

    Got the engine out of the subframe which was really awkward and involved dropping the engine a few inches by accident. Moved the car back onto the hard standing out of the way and then called it a day.

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    Great camel! I really like that blue

  5. Camel is offline Legendary Classic
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    Well, I needed to move the engine from behind the shed today and the person who was supposed to help couldn't because he didn't want to rip his stitches out. So me being an ingenious Camel did this.

    There was no chance that I could pick the entire engine and gearbox up by myself. Not from the floor anyway. So I took off all of the ancillaries, split the clutch and flywheel housing from the engine to take them out. When the clutch and flywheel came off it's taper it jumped off the engine and landed on my foot. 10KG+ of pointy metal to the foot turns the air blue.

    Managed to split the sump/gearbox from the engine block. Just the engine block with the cam and crankshaft in it is still bloody heavy!

    Can't wait to move into my new house so I can get my Mini in the garage. Then the real work can start.

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    Your foot is alright yeah?
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Bit swollen and bruised but I can still drive so it'll be fine.

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    How many times have you injured yourself while working on the Mini, mate?

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    Pretty much everytime that I work on it.

    I didn't occur to me that the whole clutch assembly would jump off the crankshaft because it was a taper joint. Same effect as popping a ball joint, but much bigger. If it was on a bench rather than the floor then I would have been looking at a trip to A&E with a broken foot.

    Lesson learnt for next time though.

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    Is the flywheel okay though?

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    Yea, the flywheel is fine because my foot broke the fall.

    Wouldn't matter if it was damaged anyway as I'm planning to get an ultra lightweight flywheel and rally clutch diaphragm.

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