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    Just a Skidmark

    Unhappy Pink Skid Marks! - Need help

    I have this annoying graphic mistake since I installed the DLC2 and the exploration pack.
    Help me please!!!


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    You need to update your testdrive2.exe. This is the result of using an older exe (e. g. build6) in a newer build-version.

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    Just a Skidmark


    still same problem, but thanks

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    I remember reading on the forums that this was caused when a file was damaged that was fine before the update is installed. I'm not sure if it can just be a simple case of finding the file in your installer or whatnot but you may need to reinstall the game to replace the broken file.

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    i found something that might help:

    look here:

    Forums / Modifications and Tools / How to fix your pink skidmarks problem.. - TDU2 Mods Texmod Tutorial - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Mods and Tutorials

    @Diablo (or another admin). Delete the link if it is against the rules.

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    Just a Skidmark


    sorry, still there. i read that there were some compatibility problems with some graphic cards. i've got a 250GTS. any known problems with this one?
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    I have a 250 GTS aswell, the fix above fixed the problem for me. Make sure you installed it properly.

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    That has nothing to do with your graphic card. Anyway, there's two ways in order to resolve this:

    1. Delete "TD_TireSkid.sob" from "Test Drive Unlimited 2\Euro\Shaders". The file will be re-downloaded when the game is restarted - valid for packed (original) version of game.

    2. Copy/Paste "TD_TireSkid.sob" (DB's link) to "Test Drive Unlimited 2\Euro\Shaders" - valid for packed (original) & unpacked (modded) version of game.



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