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    Default Not making a suggestion but..

    anyone here (besides me) like to play with fire?
    stairwell's basically my 2nd home now...
    bad habit i know

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    Pyromaniac, having an open fire myself, it was addictive at first, but it died down

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    I almost put my school bus on fire, via lynx can and lighter. Wish I never did cost my a lot of money to buy a new seat. Fire is a killer when your a young teenager.

  4. Who
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    i do, i have a fixation with my zippo
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    I'm a pyromaniac. I burnt my carpet then I stopped after parents threatened me.

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    I lit my lawn on fire by accident. Was able to put it out before it got out of hand.

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    lol... Not me! I'm a good little boy...

    But my friend did light up a wet piece of paper when we were on a school trip in Malaysia 2 years ago... Funny as hell, mostly because of all the smoke... (The fire was put out by water and the smoke managed to clear before the teacher came back)

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    Ha. lucky you. The last time I was on a school trip someone got thrown through a hotel wall and into another guests room.

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    I and a group of friends sent part of field up in flames right next to the train tracks. We poo'ed ourselves.

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    I've done all the normal teenage rubbish with friends but nothing too stupid, just the normal small fire too see what happens (as if you don't know) and setting french bangers off down the toilet and in the a field in the lake district to scare cows. Certainly wouldn't say im obsessed at all though.
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    Not one my self, and this is a little bit O/T, but my friend was talking to me and when he used to live in Singapore, he and his friends would roll up some paper and "smoke" it, lol.
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    Am I the only one who noticed the age of this thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperhyperTDU »
    Am I the only one who noticed the age of this thread?
    No, you're not

    The closest I've gotten to "playing with fire" was putting Conte wood-free pencils against a lightbulb, so that they would melt, producing lots of smoke. Pathetic, I know, but was fun


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