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    Default Heath Ledger Found Dead

    not test drive thats crap now more important news heath ledger was found dead his apartment . ill post more information when i find out
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    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    Wow that's a shame, I had to look him up as I knew the name but not the face. My condolences to his family and daughter.
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    Yep a shame

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    That's a shocker ... a great actor, I was looking forwared to his performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight
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    yeah my condolences too , to his family & friends. He did finish shotting his scenes in THE DARK KNIGHT before he died though so that will be his last movie. I sugest everyone here go see it for him.

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    Wow, everyone nowadays is dieing from sometype of pill overdose.

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    I just saw taht on the MSN homepage, he made Brokeback Mountain didn't he?

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    his film list includes

    Brokeback Mountain
    A Knight's Tale
    10 things I hate about you
    The Patriot
    Monster's Ball
    Ned Kelly
    The Brothers Grimm

    Some great films there
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    That's such a shame. He was a good actor, and he was only 28!! He was also working on the new Batman movie. I feel sorry for his ex-girlfriend and daughter too. R.I.P.

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    Hah sucks to be him!
    He was in Brokeback Mountain. I lol'ed at that.

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    I was shocked when I read this on the BBC news.

    Only 28 years of age.


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    Sad, only a young actor with great talent.
    Some sleeping pill that causes you to sleepwalk is thought to have something to do with it.


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