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    Test Driver


    Quote Originally Posted by Diablo  
    This project or more-so what Ivory has been working on has changed over the years, they started in 2008 iirc and word was they were working on a TDU-type game .
    At least they had time enough to develop something great. Maybe they can pull a "Duke Nukem" on this one.
    If they took a peak over the Atari wall, they also might have learned something. Like how NOT to do things.
    As some talented TDU1 team members are hanging out over there and the Driving Game is more or less "confirmed", i'm really looking forward to what they will release.
    Only part that worries me a it is that UbiSoft can also pull the server plug after a way too short period, like all big developers do. One of the rare things Atari did right.
    We'll see.

    Quote Originally Posted by CLR-GTR  
    If a TDU3 would be made, I may only hope Eden and Atari are far away from it.... and EA.... and Codemasters....
    Maybe SMS can do the physics. I actually like the driving in TDFRL, lol

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    It took a few months, but finally we have a member who's got TDFRL

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    Test Driver


    Quote Originally Posted by !  
    It took a few months, but finally we have a member who's got TDFRL
    It is actually not that bad at all. Small track selection, but very nicely done cars combined with good driving physics and sounds.
    If SMS gets involved in an open world racer, it would surely be a drivers game. TDU3 or not.

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    I have no idea how accurate this person is or if the videos he is talking about are legit but either way it's some new Rumours. Test Drive Unlimited 3 set to release in 2014

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    Seems strange that it's supposedly going to be shown this summer already, but I can only hope it's at least somewhat true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diablo  
    I have no idea how accurate this person is
    ... Test Drive Unlimited 3 on its way!
    Quote Originally Posted by Steffen Friis
    Test Drive Unlimited 2 offers very much

    Playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 was one of the best games i ever played, just the feeling of “building” up your own life, buy cars, win races, buy houses and customize them, and the idea of meeting friends and enemies while enjoying a joy-ride in my new car.
    Accuracy, really ?

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    @Andreaz: We already had that dev who recently started working at Ivory saying that their game may be shown at a big event so E3 is no surprise. What gets me is that the link above or one of them talks about Ubisoft adding a "Racing Game" to their Watch List for E3.

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    Test Driver


    It won't be TDU3 as the TDU franchise is used for something else...
    Atari secured a USD 5m 5% debtor-in-possession financing from Alden Global Distressed Opportunities Master Fund, and its only secured debt on record is a EUR 21m secured claim against Atari SA, which Alden later assumed. The credit facility is backed by a security interest in the Test Drive Unlimited franchise, but otherwise all other gaming assets are unencumbered.
    At least somebody thinks the franchise is worth something
    And UbiSoft didn't acquire the rights to the TDU franchise (yet?)

    I'm really looking forward to the IvoryTower game though, as all key ingredients are there to make something good

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    Well the TEST DRIVE IP and TDU franchise are secured for that company but that doesn't mean they couldn't sell it if the right bid was made for it, as what's this company going to do with it if not make another game under the name? Then again maybe they do realise the value of the series and will create another game under it's banner.

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    So as we see Eden needed 5 year period to make TDU. so until 2016 we're ground


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