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    I'm awarding above as the geekiest post this forum has ever seen

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    Why thank you. The designs are required because I'll need (to build) a new desk, so want to ensure everything will fit together somehow.

    That said I splurged on the new monitor, which is huuuuge.

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    The monitor is bigger than I imagined so I've never bothered to go multi-monitor with my old 1080p display (plus the cable isn't long enough to reach the PC beyond the new screen) Just too far away to look at, couldn't even reach the edge of the 2nd monitor from where I'm sitting.

    Anyway the desk is all built and painted (not orange or brown either) - something called Ironstone which has a modern-ish feel to it.

    Anyway the main reason for finding this thread was to mention those newly announced Intel Skylake-X HEDT CPU's. The i7 7820X appears to be the sweet spot, somewhat similar to the AMD Ryzen 1800X with 8 cores + 16 threads, but Intel will have a higher IPC rate, will boost out of the box to 4.5GHz, and has 28 PCI lanes instead of AMD's 16. It's a little over $100USD more expensive than the 1800X.

    There's only one catch. The X299 platform demands that all motherboards support all CPUs. That means that it is possible to purchase an expensive motherboard that has features intended for higher end CPUs with 44 PCI lanes, which a 28- or 16-lane CPU couldn't take full advantage of. I suspect that my proposed build (only one graphics card and one (or maybe eventually 2) M.2 NVME storage drives won't be bottlenecked, whereas a 44-lane CPU would be for multiple GFX cards and 10gb NICs. In any case, motherboard spec sheets will have to be very detailed to explain this.

    It seems that the 8000 CPU's (i.e. 8700K) will also come out later this year. The newly announced 'Kaby Lake X' CPUs are basically just like the 7700K but with no integrated graphics and higher TDP (power draw) which enables slightly better performance (but might have the best single-threaded performance for now).

    The only other catch is that I'm spending a fair bit of savings on moving out of the nest so a new HEDT may not remain a priority this year. My Internet connection should hopefully be much faster though.

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